Welcome to official website of Rutvij Hospital. We are one of the oldest and trusted hospital in the city. From more than 30 years now we have been serving to all the patients coming from different parts of the city, state and country. In the ’90s, when the concept of private hospitals was new and uncommon, the idea was conceptualized and provided to the city of Vadodara by Dr. Asit Shah. Rutvij Hospital is a private hospital, multi-specialty in its own right with multiple beds. Rutvij Hospital is taking all qualified nurses and some of them have additional qualifications and skills also.

It attracts patients not only in Vadodara but all parts of district, state and abroad, prominent citizens across the country have made use of advanced services at the Rutvij Hospital.

Rutvij Hospital also attracts a significant number of patients from other countries. The hospital has maintained a significant number of beds and also offered concessions to financially incapable people. Well-developed specialties and services are available at Rutvij Hospital
Rutvij Hospital was established in December 1990.This hospital is now 26 years old. Hospital was started in 1400 sq feet area initially. Now hospital has been expanded and has space of 6000 sq feet. Hospital respects the medical ethics and follows clean and transparent medical practice…more


Dr Asit Shah & Dr Smita Shah are the key persons of the Hospital. Dr Asit Shah has been having vast experience of treating all ailments. He has graduated from M S University Baroda…more. Dr Smita Shah has obtained huge experience in field of Obstetric and Gynaecology.After successful under graduate MBBS training she obtained MD gyanec qualification in year 1989.During her carrier she has conducted large numbers of Normal Deliveries.She has handled number of obstetric emergencies and complicated labour…more