Gynaec Department

Gynecology is the medical practice dealing with the health of the female reproductive system. Dr. Smita Shah is a graduate MBBS training, she obtained MD Gynaec qualification in year 1989. During her carrier she has conducted large numbers of Normal Deliveries. She has handled number of obstetric emergencies and complicated labour. She has completed almost 2 decades in private practice. She has special interest in field of Laparoscopic surgery and infertility. She is one of the few in Baroda who has obtained Diploma in Advanced Gynaec Laparoscopic Surgery from Giessen University Germany.

Gynaec Department has facility to conduct normal deliveries, Caessarean Section, Laparoscopic surgeries, Vacuum Deliveries abortions and painless delivery.
1.Maternity Home:
Ventilated and spacious Labour room with Radiant Heat baby warmer is available for conducting deliveries. Vacuum Apparatus is available to cut short second stage of labour.
2.Painless deliveries:

This facility is available for selected group of patients who do not want to bear labour pains.

3.Antenatal classes:

This is an awareness programme for prospective couple. This helps to resolve their querries and doubts regarding pregnancy and its outcome.

4.Antenatal Physiotherapy:

Essence of pregnancy is to keep physical and mental well being. We teach prospective mothers to remain physically fit during their pregnant and post delivery phase.Physiotherapy will help in regaining original



We help out couples to terminate unwanted and unplanned pregnancies. Patients can choose between medical and operative methods.

6.Sonography Facility:

Sonography is essential component of Antenatal care. We have in-house sonography machine to monitor fetal development in all 3 trimesters of pregnancy.

7.Infertility Management:

To have child is blessing from God. Some unfortunate couples are not blessed by God. We try to help infertile couples. We offer them Follicular studies and IUI facility.

8.Family Planning Guidance:

We counsel the couples who opt to plan their families. They can choose from various family planning methods.

9.Laparoscopic Surgery:

It is known as keyhole surgery in common language. This method is far superior to open surgeries in which many stitches are taken. Laparoscopic surgeries useful for ovarian cyst, Hysterectomy, Adhesiolysis,

Infertily cases PCO drilling Endometriosis, fibroid uterus etc.

10.Cancer Detection Center:

Women are afraid of Breast and Cervical cancer. These cancers can be detected by Mammography and Pap smears.

11.Uterine cavity can be visualized by Hysteroscopy:

This is useful for infertility treatment, Polyp removal and hysteroscopic guided biopsy.

12.Menopausal counseling:

women are educated about menopause and taught how to face menopausal symptoms.