Medical department offers following facilities.

  1. Treatment and counseling for common medical ailments like Malaria, Diarrhea & Vomiting, Typhoid fever and viral infections.
  2. Heart problems and High BP: Patients are offered treatment of high blood pressure and offered complete medical check up.
  3. Diabetes treatment: Diabetes is burning problem to day. We offer Diabetes Detection (Diabetes camps are conducted almost every month) and treatment. Patients are counseled about various medical treatment and use of Insulins.
  4. Abdominal problems like acidity peptic ulcers liver and pancreas ailments are detected and managed judiciously.
  5. Kidney diseases like stones, Urinary tract infections are investigated and managed here.
  6. Lung problems like Asthma, COPD Pneumonias are managed here efficiently.
  7. Brain related ailments like Epilepsy Strokes are managed here.